Beyond Boundaries Researchers

Meet the scientists who inspired the 2018 and 2020 competitions!

2018 Competition:

Tanesha Allen profile image

Tanesha Allen – Zoologist

Priyanka Dhopade profile image

Priyanka Dhopade – Aerospace Expert

Benjamin Fernando profile image

Benjamin Fernando – Stellar Vibrations Modeller

Gabriel Gallardo profile image

Gabriel Gallardo – Dark Matter Investigator

Shazeaa Ishmael profile image

Shazeaa Ishmael – Quantum Computer Researcher

Philip Maini profile image

Philip Maini – Mathematical Biologist

 Gladys C Ngetich profile image

Gladys C Ngetich – Jet Engine Cooling Researcher

Nhu Nguyen profile image

Nhu Nguyen – Chemist Who Doesn’t Use Chemicals

Jason Nurse profile image

Jason Nurse – Social Media and Cybercrime Expert

Vinoy Ramachandran profile image

Vinoy Ramachandran – Microbiologist

Roxana Shaifee profile image

Roxana Shafiee – Ocean Bug Researcher

 Aprajita Verma profile image

Aprajita Verma – Galaxy Explorer

2020 Competition:

Ache Atta Boateng profile image

Ach̩ Atta-Boateng РCacao Tree Expert

Min Chen profile image

Min Chen – Data Visualisation Scientist

Serena Dai profile image


Serena Dai – Wild Sand Rat Researcher

Mohit Dalwadi profile image

Mohit Dalwadi – Cell Freezing Modeller

Emmanuelle Dankwa profile image

Emmanuelle Dankwa – Disease Outbreak Investigator

Shaz Hoque profile image

Shahnaz (‘Shaz’) Hoque – Nuclear Fusion Specialist