Code-Based Colleagues: The Future of Work and AI

Wednesday 13th Sep 2023, 9.15am

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as the ‘chatbot’ ChatGPT, have blown us away recently – not only with their usefulness as encyclopaedic fact-finders, but because of their ability to seemingly imitate human creativity and conversation. Need a short, original poem written in the Romance style? Look no further than ChatGPT. Fancy some artwork to accompany that poem? DALL-E has you covered. But with these advances come concerns. How are these technologies likely to impact the labour market in the future? Will algorithms be stealing our jobs, or is this simply the next natural step in making our work lives easier?

Dr Fabian Stephany explores the future of work and AI. He explains to us why the demand for certain occupations is skyrocketing not despite – but because of – AI. And with a little help from AI itself he invites us to have a look at the skills and jobs of the future in which humans and machines can cooperate and not compete.