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  • Eugenia and Fabian talk over a cup of coffee. Featured website image for the video "Code-Based Colleagues".

    Code-Based Colleagues: The Future of Work and AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as the ‘chatbot’ ChatGPT, have blown us away recently – not only with their…

  • Johann Laux profile image

    Johann Laux

    Tech Law & Policy Scholar

    I am fascinated by how new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital platforms, and Big Data affect us…

  • Eugenia Gonzalez Ehlinger profile image

    Eugenia Gonzalez Ehlinger

    Social Scientist

    I’ve always been passionate about education and skills, but things got interesting when I started working with the OECD.…

  • Fabian Stephany profile image

    Fabian Stephany

    Economist and Data Scientist

    Fabian is an economist studying how Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies shape the future of work. Currently he…

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