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  • Photo of Sushma Shankar in surgeon gear

    Sushma Shankar

    Transplant Surgeon and Scientist

    Hi guys, I’m Sushma! I work as both a Transplant Surgeon and Scientist in Oxford. Read on to find…

  • Profile photo of Chy Akpulu

    Chinenye Akpulu

    Bacteria Scientist

    My name in full is Chinenyenwa, an Igbo name that means “God gives a child”. I work on microorganisms…

  • Photo of Morgan Mitchell

    Morgan Mitchell

    Movement Neuroscientist

    Hi, I’m Morgan! I’m currently studying for my PhD at Oxford on a project which looks to improve a…

  • Shanty town with skyscrapers in the distance. Featured image for micro-documentary 'Demography: Understanding Our World".

    Demography: Understanding Our World

    What is demography, and how can it provide us with a better understanding of our world and the people…

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