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  • A network of cartoon people against a backdrop of the Ukrainian flag. Website image for the podcast episode 'How do you use social media to deliver humanitarian aid?'

    How do you use social media to deliver humanitarian aid?

    Forced displacement of human populations owing to conflict or natural disasters is very difficult to measure. During these crises,…

  • A woman sits on a sofa while a 'robot' vacuum cleaner hoovers the floor. Featured image for the video 'The Future of Automation in the Home'.

    The Future of Automation in the Home

    There’s quite a lot of discussion surrounding the future of paid work, and how certain livelihoods may be impacted…

  • Vili Lehdonvirta profile image

    Vili Lehdonvirta

    Digital social scientist

    I am extremely interested in new technologies like automation, cloud computing, and digital platforms, and how they reshape our…

  • Ekaterina Hertog profile image

    Ekaterina Hertog


    The automation of paid work has received significant attention in recent years, but the use of technology to aid…

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