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  • The feet of two ballroom dancers, merged with vials of antibiotics.

    Antimicrobial Resistance: A Dance with Nature

    “The process of creating new antibiotics and understanding bacteria with particular mechanisms of resistance is like a dance…” Antibiotics…

  • Dr Keren Papier, with a full English breakfast in the background!

    Feeding the Future Study (FEED)

    The British diet has undergone a substantial transformation over the last few decades, with the traditional ‘meat and two…

  • Christmas turkey

    Should I feel guilty eating turkey at my Christmas dinner?

    While the tradition of eating turkey at Christmas can be traced back to Henry VIII, it’s really only been…

  • Can e-cigarettes help you stop smoking? Image of a 'no-smoking' sign on a teal background.

    Can e-cigarettes help you stop smoking?

    Can e-cigarettes help you stop smoking? Keeping on top of the evidence. The messages surrounding e-cigarettes, or vapes, are…

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