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  • COVID world cartoon; featured image for podcast episode "How does a pandemic end?"

    How does a pandemic end?

    Masks, social distancing, lockdowns. We’ve become intimately familiar with numerous COVID-19 control measures over the past two years. Now,…

  • Erica Charters profile image

    Erica Charters

    Historian of Medicine

    I’m a historian of medicine and, more specifically, I research the relationship between disease and society.  I’m particularly interested…

  • Gas power station. Background image for podcast episode "Is the energy crisis going to get worse?"

    Is the energy crisis going to get worse?

    Over the past year, we’ve seen our energy bills reach unimaginable heights. The war in Ukraine is having devastating…

  • Woman wearing a face mask, with ear phones and a beanie

    Umm…Should I be wearing a mask?

    In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic there was a lot of confusion, as we all tried to…

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