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  • Can we talk to bees?

    We are out in the wild today talking to bees! In this behind the scenes episode, we visited Dr…

  • Computer code in different colours is projected on to the face of a woman. Featured image for podcast episode 'Why are deepfakes happening?'

    Why are deep fakes happening?

    Welcome to the new series of the Big Questions podcast, where we ask Oxford scientists to shed light on…

  • Eugenia and Fabian talk over a cup of coffee. Featured website image for the video "Code-Based Colleagues".

    Code-Based Colleagues: The Future of Work and AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as the ‘chatbot’ ChatGPT, have blown us away recently – not only with their…

  • Johann Laux profile image

    Johann Laux

    Tech Law & Policy Scholar

    I am fascinated by how new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital platforms, and Big Data affect us…

  • Eugenia Gonzalez Ehlinger profile image

    Eugenia Gonzalez Ehlinger

    Social Scientist

    I’ve always been passionate about education and skills, but things got interesting when I started working with the OECD.…

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