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  • Profile photo of Chy Akpulu

    Chinenye Akpulu

    Bacteria Scientist

    My name in full is Chinenyenwa, an Igbo name that means “God gives a child”. I work on microorganisms…

  • Profile photo of Lauren Rudd

    Lauren Rudd


    Hi everyone, I’m Lauren. I work in animal behaviour and conservation, studying lions! I am currently completing a PhD…

  • Shanty town with skyscrapers in the distance. Featured image for micro-documentary 'Demography: Understanding Our World".

    Demography: Understanding Our World

    What is demography, and how can it provide us with a better understanding of our world and the people…

  • Jennifer Dowd profile image

    Jennifer Dowd

    Demographer & Epidemiologist

    I fell in love with data and statistics when I realized what powerful tools they were for understanding (and…

  • A spider web in a heart-shaped hole in some wood. Featured image for the podcast episode 'How could spider sex unlock secrets to engineering?'

    How could spider sex unlock secrets to engineering?

    Not everyone is the biggest fan of spiders…we know that. They might not be the first thing that springs…

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