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  • Diogo Veríssimo profile image.

    Diogo Veríssimo

    Social Scientist

    Diogo Veríssimo is an Oxford Martin Fellow focusing on the design and evaluation of behaviour change interventions to tackle…

  • Amy Dickman profile image

    Amy Dickman

    Wildlife Conservationist

    “I have been associated with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) since 1997, and in 2022 took over from…

  • Wanted poster for a missing fish

    Where are all the Mangarahara cichlid hiding?

    In the early 2000s, Brian Zimmerman and his team at London Zoo received a donation from a private fish-breeder…

  • Animation scene of three elephants walking in line seen side on

    Protecting elephants, protecting humans

    How do we find ways for people and wildlife to co-exist? Elephants pose a particular problem as their large…

  • Cicada in the new forest

    Where have all the cicadas gone?

    In this episode for the Big Questions podcast we went to the New Forest and met up with Professor…

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