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Egil Dröge

Carnivore Ecologist

I’ve been interested in all things living for as long as I can remember. Fascinated about how all species manage to survive, live alongside each other, and why they live in the areas they live in. I attended Wageningen University, Netherlands, where I did a bachelor degree in Biology, and an MSc in Ecology, and an MSc in GIS. After this I worked for over 7 years in Zambia, for the Zambian Carnivore Programme, to which I’m still attached. With data collected in Zambia, I did my PhD at Montana State University in the US, after which I joined the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) in the Department of Biology. Currently I’m mostly working at training bright, early-career, motivated conservationists from biodiversity rich countries in the global south, as the lead tutor and coordinator in the Recanati-Kaplan Postgraduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice, as well as focussing on monitoring strategies to monitor low density species, and recovery of animal populations over large landscapes.