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  • The Chagos Brain Coral

    On the Edge of Existence: Rediscovering a Lost Coral

    “I had been waiting so long to have access to these reefs again, to see whether this species had…

  • Bryan Wilson profile image

    Bry Wilson

    Coral Biologist

    In its simplest form, I’m a marine biologist, and I have long been fascinated by this microbial soup (that…

  • Diogo Veríssimo profile image.

    Diogo Veríssimo

    Social Scientist

    Diogo Veríssimo is an Oxford Martin Fellow focusing on the design and evaluation of behaviour change interventions to tackle…

  • Animation scene of three elephants walking in line seen side on

    Protecting elephants, protecting humans

    How do we find ways for people and wildlife to co-exist? Elephants pose a particular problem as their large…

  • reads conserving nature it's not just about the animals

    Conserving nature – it’s not just about the animals…

    When people think of conservation, they often think that it is about saving species. Whilst this is partly true,…

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