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  • How are seals affecting fishing catches?

    Are seals the fishermen’s friends or foes? The UK is home 35% of the world’s grey seals and we…

  • Sophie Lund Rasmussen

    Hedgehog researcher

    Who doesn’t love hedgehogs? Well, at least I absolutely adore European hedgehogs! Therefore, I have decided that my goal…

  • Rhino eating grass

    The Rhino Fertility Project

    When the last male northern white rhino, Sudan, died in 2018, it seemed that the subspecies was destined for…

  • Egil Droge. Man smiling at the camera through a car window, with a hyena in the background.

    Egil Dröge

    Carnivore Ecologist

    I’ve been interested in all things living for as long as I can remember. Fascinated about how all species…

  • Lioness walking through grassland

    How do you reintroduce lions?

    Lions are iconic species, but they are threatened with extinction. In Zambia, researchers and conservationists are working together to…

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