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  • A mother talks to two children on the sofa. Featured image for the video 'What do we tell the children?'

    What do we tell the children?

    When the worst happens, and a loved one becomes seriously ill or dies, it can be very difficult to…

  • Elizabeth Rapa profile image

    Elizabeth Rapa

    Clinical Psychologist

    I have always been interested in understanding how to help children and families. This began with my undergraduate Biomedical…

  • Louise Dalton profile image

    Louise Dalton

    Clinical Psychologist

    I studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge before training as a Clinical Psychologist in Oxford. I spent many years working…

  • Charlotte Collingwood sits against a tree. Featured image for the video 'When Stress Turns Bad'.

    When Stress Turns Bad

    Did you know that stress evolved as a key tool for our survival? I mean, you wouldn’t want to…

  • Aedes albopictus mosquito. Featured image for podcast episode "Can you make a dengue fever forecast?"

    Can you make a dengue fever forecast?

    More than half the world’s population is at risk from dengue fever, a viral infection that is spread via…

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