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  • Computer generated image of bacteria; website image for the podcast episode 'How can we use sound waves to eliminate infections?'

    How can we use sound waves to eliminate infections?

    Many of us will have had to deal with a bacterial infection at some point or another. The solution?…

  • Sara Keller profile image

    Sara Keller

    Biomedical Engineer

    I always knew I wanted to be an engineer but it wasn’t until an undergraduate research experience at Vanderbilt…

  • Atreyi Chakrabarty profile image

    Atreyi Chakrabarty

    Sleep scientist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    My name is Atreyi and I’m a final year DPhil student studying the cellular and network mechanisms of sleep…

  • A mother talks to two children on the sofa. Featured image for the video 'What do we tell the children?'

    What do we tell the children?

    When the worst happens, and a loved one becomes seriously ill or dies, it can be very difficult to…

  • Elizabeth Rapa profile image

    Elizabeth Rapa

    Clinical Psychologist

    I have always been interested in understanding how to help children and families. This began with my undergraduate Biomedical…

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