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  • Mosquito on someone's skin.

    Behind the scenes: developing a new malaria vaccine

    Nearly half of the world’s population lives in areas at risk of malaria transmission. A safe and effective vaccine…

  • Women with blonde hair smiling at the camera.

    Sarah Silk

    Clinical Trial Immunologist

    Whilst living in Uganda, I saw the impact of malaria first hand and was able to take part in…

  • A hand is holding a smoking cigarette.

    Does banning smoking work?

    As the UK government proposes new plans to reduce the number of people who smoke, we talk to behaviour…

  • Giampiero Valenzano profile image

    Giamp Valenzano

    Cancer Immunologist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    Hi! My name is Giamp. I am a medic by training and have graduated from the International Medical School…

  • Uchenna Gwacham Anisiobi profile image

    Uchenna Gwacham-Anisiobi

    Maternal and Newborn Health Researcher & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    Hi, my name is Uchenna. I am second year DPhil (PhD) student at the Population Health Department, University of…

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