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  • Shamit Shrivastava profile image

    Shamit Shrivastava

    Experimental Physicist

    I always wanted to be a physicist but growing up in a middle income family in India means that…

  • Jamie Hartmann-Boyce profile image

    Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

    Healthcare researcher

    I didn’t start off as a scientist – rather I majored in English literature at Tufts University in the…

  • Kieran Clark profile image

    Kieran Clarke

    A mix of biochemist, physiologist and entrepreneur

    Kieran Clarke is Professor of Physiological Biochemistry and heads the Cardiac Metabolism Research Group in the Department of Physiology,…

  • Cartoon figure thinking about coronavirus. Image for "What does my family want to know about coronavirus?"

    What does my family want to know about coronavirus?

    Coronavirus has been hitting the headlines since late 2019, and is now at the forefront of many people’s minds.…

  • Heart with ECG line. Image for the podcast episode "Can we diagnose heart attacks faster?"

    Can we diagnose heart attacks faster?

    With one person admitted to hospital every 5 minutes in the UK because of a heart attack, the ability…

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