Wandering in the woods: trying to cure cancer by not trying to cure cancer

Friday 5th Jul 2024, 11.00am

“I’m a scientist and I study cancer. But sometimes I go for a wander”.

Richard White, from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, is a cancer biologist searching for a cure in the unlikeliest of places. While scientists traditionally try to find solutions to improve patient care in the lab, is there value in taking a more circuitous route to find innovative solutions to treat diseases like cancer?

Join us on a journey of scientific discovery, where research not only aims to help people now, but find solutions that could treat thousands of people in the future.

With special thanks to Tammie Bishop, Kitty Clarke and Tori Macera for their valuable contributions and the following locations for their support during production: The Radcliffe Science Library, Weston Library, Wytham Woods, Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, University Church of St Mary the Virgin, and Partyman World of Play (Oxford).

Producer: Charlotte Bird

Writer, Director, Videographer and Editor: Rob Key

Cameraperson: Jack Tew

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