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  • Daniele Cotton

    Cancer Researcher & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    I’m a cancer researcher and training clinician. I study how cancer spreads in people’s bodies. This is important, as…

  • Sara Keller profile image

    Sara Keller

    Biomedical Engineer

    I always knew I wanted to be an engineer but it wasn’t until an undergraduate research experience at Vanderbilt…

  • Jia-Ling Ruan profile image

    Jia-Ling Ruan

    Radiotherapy expert and Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    Jia-Ling Ruan is a senior postdoctoral researcher from the Department of Oncology at the University of Oxford. Before coming…

  • reads our immune system - the battle within

    Our immune system – the battle within

    If we could travel inside our body, shrinking down to a cellular level, we could see how amazing our immune…

  • Big Questions Podcast artwork

    Can bubbles help cure cancer?

    On this episode, can bubbles cure cancer? What do you think of when you hear the word ‘bubble?’ Does…

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