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  • M Garrido Davies

    Plant biochemist

    I’m interested in the biochemistry of the food we eat and of the crop plants we grow for food.…

  • Why am I killing my house plants?

    House plants can be a cheerful pop of colour in your home. But do you find after the initial…

  • A woman with short blonde hair and wearing glasses is smiling, with her hands on her hips.

    Rachel Parkinson


    I am generally interested in how brains work, but I find the insect brain to be especially interesting because…

  • Can we talk to bees?

    We are out in the wild today talking to bees! In this behind the scenes episode, we visited Dr…

  • Black and white cat lying down and looking at the camera

    Why are people obsessed with how cute cats are?

    Cats are pretty adorable! Those big eyes, fluffy paws and cheeky personalities mean that most people find felines cute.…

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