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  • Origami Inspiration - 3D Printing and Robots

    Origami Inspiration – 3D Printing and Robots

    What does origami have to do with engineering…and 3D printing…and robots?! Quite a lot, it turns out! In this…

  • Chenying Liu profile image

    Chenying Liu

    Origami Engineer/Roboticist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    I’ve been so fascinated by origami, i.e., its origin as art, its magic in maths, and its potential for…

  • Helena Webb

    Senior Researcher in Human Centred Computing

    I am a social scientist by background and I am interested in interaction and organisation in different kinds of…

  • Should all robots have an ethical black box?

    WHODUNNIT?! Nowadays, the idea of encountering robots in our daily lives isn’t pure science fiction. Many of us interact…

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