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  • Neva Kandzija

    DPhil student in Women’s and Reproductive Health

    I am a full time DPhil student at Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health. My current research examines…

  • Will climate change kill off the great tits?

    Their distinctive ‘teacher teacher’ call is synonymous with British gardens, but great tits are facing a big problem –…

  • Genes Thumbnail

    Should we edit genes to make nicer people?

    Is it possible to edit someone’s genes before they are born to make them a nicer, kinder, more moral…

  • Drawing of a baby in the womb. Featured image for animation "How do unborn babies and mothers communicate via the placenta?"

    How do unborn babies and mothers communicate via the placenta?

    The placenta is a fascinating organ, which allows communication between mother and foetus through the release of bubble-like vesicles.…

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