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Lydia Coxon

Pain Researcher

I studied Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, which is where I first came across pain research. I thought it was really interesting how complex the experience of pain was to understand and how little we know about chronic pain, despite it affecting millions of people worldwide. During my BA I did a research project investigating endometriosis-associated pain which really opened my eyes to how little we know about the causes of pain in this condition. I stayed in Oxford to do my DPhil (PhD), working with Katy Vincent, in which I looked at whether there could be a neuropathic-like component to pain in endometriosis (pain due to damage to nerves). I am now continuing to investigate Chronic Pelvic Pain in endometriosis and bladder pain using a variety of techniques including questionnaires, sensory testing and brain imaging (fMRI).

Read an article I co-wrote for The Conversation, “Endometriosis: targeting a different type of pain may be key in improving treatment – new research” here.