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  • Yuqing Zhou profile image

    Yuqing Zhou


    I am a DPhil (PhD) student in the Department of Biology, University of Oxford. I am part of the…

  • Bubbles. Featured image for podcast episode "How can a simulation help treat kidney stones?

    How can a simulation help treat kidney stones?

    Around 10% of us will experience kidney stones at some point in our life. They occur when waste products…

  • Rebecca Garnett profile image

    Rebecca Garnett

    Primary Health Care Scientist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    Hi my name is Becky! I did my Biological Sciences undergraduate degree at Oxford, and then I popped over…

  • Erica Charters profile image

    Erica Charters

    Historian of Medicine

    I’m a historian of medicine and, more specifically, I research the relationship between disease and society.  I’m particularly interested…

  • Rakhshan Kamran profile image

    Rakhshan Kamran

    Clinician Scientist

    I am a final year medical student at McMaster University in Canada, taking a sabbatical from MD studies to…

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