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  • Mosquito on someone's skin.

    Behind the scenes: developing a new malaria vaccine

    Nearly half of the world’s population lives in areas at risk of malaria transmission. A safe and effective vaccine…

  • Women with blonde hair smiling at the camera.

    Sarah Silk

    Clinical Trial Immunologist

    Whilst living in Uganda, I saw the impact of malaria first hand and was able to take part in…

  • Dejan Draschkow profile image

    Dejan Draschkow

    Experimental Psychologist

    During my first undergraduate year in Munich, I was completely baffled by the realisation that what we perceive is…

  • Daniele Cotton

    Cancer Researcher & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    I’m a cancer researcher and training clinician. I study how cancer spreads in people’s bodies. This is important, as…

  • Computer generated image of bacteria; website image for the podcast episode 'How can we use sound waves to eliminate infections?'

    How can we use sound waves to eliminate infections?

    Many of us will have had to deal with a bacterial infection at some point or another. The solution?…

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