Daniele Cotton

Cancer Researcher & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

I’m a cancer researcher and training clinician. I study how cancer spreads in people’s bodies. This is important, as most (90% of) people who die from cancer are those in whom the cancer has spread around their body.

In my research, I use a technology called microfluidics to study the behaviour of cancer cells. Microfluidics is the manipulation of tiny volumes of liquids. My lab mates and I use these tiny volumes of liquids to isolate single or small numbers of cancer cells, to study their behaviour and interactions in detail.

I really enjoy research – the work is both interesting, getting to use cutting-edge technology, and rewarding, knowing that the research is, step by step, getting us closer to understanding cancer and improving cancer treatment.

"What characteristics make prostatic cancer cells metastatic?" cartoon. By Coline Weinzaepflen.

Artwork by Coline Weinzaepflen.