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  • COVID world cartoon; featured image for podcast episode "How does a pandemic end?"

    How does a pandemic end?

    Masks, social distancing, lockdowns. We’ve become intimately familiar with numerous COVID-19 control measures over the past two years. Now,…

  • Mike Clark profile image

    Mike Clark

    Environmental Scientist

    I am a researcher focusing on the links between food, environment, health, and economics. I am particularly interested in…

  • Woman clutching her stomach in pain.

    How can we improve endometriosis treatment?

    Did you know there are different types of pain? In this episode of the Big Questions Podcast, we chat…

  • Lydia Coxon profile image

    Lydia Coxon

    Pain Researcher

    I studied Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, which is where I first came across pain research. I thought…

  • Rakhshan Kamran profile image

    Rakhshan Kamran

    Clinician Scientist

    I am a final year medical student at McMaster University in Canada, taking a sabbatical from MD studies to…

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