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  • Ailsa Butler profile image

    Ailsa Butler

    Healthcare researcher

    I studied biological sciences as my undergraduate degree. The job I got after university with the All-Party Parliamentary group…

  • Rebecca Garnett profile image

    Rebecca Garnett

    Primary Health Care Scientist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    Hi my name is Becky! I did my Biological Sciences undergraduate degree at Oxford, and then I popped over…

  • Aliaksandr Herasimenka

    I am a postdoctoral researcher and director of research at the Programme on Democracy and Technology at the Oxford…

  • COVID world cartoon; featured image for podcast episode "How does a pandemic end?"

    How does a pandemic end?

    Masks, social distancing, lockdowns. We’ve become intimately familiar with numerous COVID-19 control measures over the past two years. Now,…

  • Mike Clark profile image

    Mike Clark

    Environmental Scientist

    I am a researcher focusing on the links between food, environment, health, and economics. I am particularly interested in…

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