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  • A hand is holding a smoking cigarette.

    Does banning smoking work?

    As the UK government proposes new plans to reduce the number of people who smoke, we talk to behaviour…

  • A man is sat playing drums for the Life Without Music documentary

    Life Without Music

    Music is an integral part of life. Whether your foot taps on your commute to work, you play an…

  • A woman opens a fridge. Featured image for the video "The Brains Behind Your Breakfast".

    The Brains Behind Your Breakfast

    Toast, anyone? Did you know that even seemingly trivial tasks – such as making breakfast – require complex brain…

  • Dejan Draschkow profile image

    Dejan Draschkow

    Experimental Psychologist

    During my first undergraduate year in Munich, I was completely baffled by the realisation that what we perceive is…

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