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  • Rakhshan Kamran profile image

    Rakhshan Kamran

    Clinician Scientist

    I am a final year medical student at McMaster University in Canada, taking a sabbatical from MD studies to…

  • Assessing Healthcare Outcomes with GENDER-Q. Image of Rakhshan Kamran.

    Assessing Healthcare Outcomes with GENDER-Q

    The primary aim of healthcare is to improve the lives and wellbeing of patients. But how can we be…

  • A New View on Cancer

    A New View on Cancer

    “It looked like a child’s colouring book where you can’t go over the lines – but the consequences of…

  • Neva Kandzija

    DPhil student in Women’s and Reproductive Health

    I am a full time DPhil student at Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health. My current research examines…

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