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  • Jamie Hartmann-Boyce profile image

    Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

    Healthcare researcher

    I didn’t start off as a scientist – rather I majored in English literature at Tufts University in the…

  • Should all robots have an ethical black box?

    WHODUNNIT?! Nowadays, the idea of encountering robots in our daily lives isn’t pure science fiction. Many of us interact…

  • Is a snack tax on the horizon?

    Do you remember when the price of fizzy drinks in the UK went up slightly a few years ago?…

  • Did the pandemic make us moodier?

    Lockdowns, social distancing, restrictions on ‘normal’ activities – we’ve all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But how has…

  • Walk Your Worries Away!

    Lockdown Walks – Walk Your Worries Away!

    It’s no surprise that walking is good for us physically, but did you know that walking can actually make…

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