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Sophie Lund Rasmussen

Hedgehog researcher

Who doesn’t love hedgehogs? Well, at least I absolutely adore European hedgehogs! Therefore, I have decided that my goal in life is to improve the conservation of this fascinating and popular species through my research and the collaboration with, and communication of my research, to the public and the dedicated people working with hedgehog rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, European hedgehogs are in decline all over Europe. It is therefore essential to investigate the causes for the decline and enhance the understanding of the challenges hedgehogs face in the wild to improve the conservation initiatives directed at this species. I have worked wholeheartedly on my research on European hedgehogs since 2011 and have even earned the nickname “Dr Hedgehog” in the media. Hopefully my research will provide an important and detailed insight into the general health and survival challenges of the hedgehogs, enabling us to improve the conservation of this fascinating species.