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  • Georgia Drew profile image

    Georgia Drew

    Evolutionary Biologist

    I’m a biologist interested in the evolution of symbioses between animals and microbes. The majority of animals form associations…

  • Maisie Vollans against a background image of mosquitoes.

    Understanding Mosquito Behaviour

    What’s the most dangerous animal in the world? A grizzly bear? A lion? A poisonous tree frog? … How…

  • Maisie Vollans profile image

    Maisie Vollans

    Mathematical Ecologist

    My main research interest is how we can use our knowledge of vector (e.g. mosquito) behavioural ecology to prevent…

  • The Chagos Brain Coral

    On the Edge of Existence: Rediscovering a Lost Coral

    “I had been waiting so long to have access to these reefs again, to see whether this species had…

  • 'Why is Rudolph's nose red?'

    Why is Rudolph’s nose red?

    “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose…” Many of us will be very familiar with Santa’s famous…

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