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  • Tyrannosaurus rex; featured image for podcast episode "Could 'Jurassic Park' actually happen?"

    Could ‘Jurassic Park’ actually happen?

    “Life finds a way”…This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Stephen Spielberg and Universal Studio’s dinosaur…

  • Profile photo of Lauren Rudd

    Lauren Rudd


    Hi everyone, I’m Lauren. I work in animal behaviour and conservation, studying lions! I am currently completing a PhD…

  • A spider web in a heart-shaped hole in some wood. Featured image for the podcast episode 'How could spider sex unlock secrets to engineering?'

    How could spider sex unlock secrets to engineering?

    Not everyone is the biggest fan of spiders…we know that. They might not be the first thing that springs…

  • Beth Mortimer profile image

    Beth Mortimer

    Animal biologist

    I’m interested in some of the unusual senses that animals have – specifically the ability to sense ‘silent’ vibrations.…

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