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  • Yu Mo profile image

    Yu Mo

    Environmental Scientist

    Yu’s broad area of research is in nature-based solutions for coastal resilience under climate change. Her current focus of…

  • Lessons from Lockdown Energy Use. Thumbnail image: Phil and Jan talk over a cup of coffee.

    Lessons from Lockdown Energy Use

    The months of lockdown were difficult. From an energy perspective, however, we were able to learn a lot. In…

  • Gas power station. Background image for podcast episode "Is the energy crisis going to get worse?"

    Is the energy crisis going to get worse?

    Over the past year, we’ve seen our energy bills reach unimaginable heights. The war in Ukraine is having devastating…

  • Pizza. Image for podcast episode "Is ordering a pizza bad for the climate?"

    Is ordering a pizza bad for the climate?

    In this episode of the Big Questions podcast, we’re talking about one of our favourite guilty pleasures – ordering…

  • How do you stop megafires?

    From California to Greece to Australia, it seems like every time we switch on the news there’s another wildfire…

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