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Anna Murgatroyd

Environmental scientist & geographer

I am a post-doctoral research associate at the Environmental Change Institute in the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford, and have a bachelor’s degree and doctorate in Geography, from the same university. My research focuses on making sure we have access to safe and reliable water, both now and in the future. I spend a lot of time modelling water systems, examining the vulnerability of our water supply system to climate change and changing demand. I also look at the potential of new water supply infrastructure, demand management schemes, operating policies and regulatory rules.

If you’re interested in water security, please check out these links:

How do we make water infrastructure investments less risky in an uncertain future?” – a blog I wrote for the Global Water Forum.

Climate shocks, adaptation and water security: how research can support action” – a blog about water security that I wrote for Reach (improving water security for the poor).

Recording of the ‘Planning for Drought’ webinar.