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Ridhi Kashyap

Demographer or Population Scientist

Ridhi is a professor of demography and computational social science at Oxford University. She studies human populations using quantitative methods and different sources of data, such as data from surveys, censuses, administrative records, and the internet and social media. She is interested in describing characteristics about populations – such as about their health and wellbeing or about inequalities between social groups – and explaining how they come about.

Ridhi became interested in demography because it allows her to combine her interests in the social with the statistical and computational sciences. In other words, demography allows her to combine her interests in understanding the social diversity of human populations together with her interest in data, computers, and numbers.

Her research covers topics such as population health, gender inequality, family change and migration. She is especially interested in understanding how digital technologies are affecting our lives, and the important decisions we make, such as about our health and family.


Ridhi’s profile on the Department of Sociology website.


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