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  • Photo of Zhiyao Luo

    Zhiyao Luo

    Artificial Intelligence Scientist

    I am Zhiyao Luo, a DPhil student at Reuben College and the Department of Engineering Science at the University…

  • Photo of Misha Patel

    Misha Patel

    Tidal Engineer

    Hello, I’m Misha. I am a PhD student at the University of Oxford, working in the Engineering Science Department…

  • A spider web in a heart-shaped hole in some wood. Featured image for the podcast episode 'How could spider sex unlock secrets to engineering?'

    How could spider sex unlock secrets to engineering?

    Not everyone is the biggest fan of spiders…we know that. They might not be the first thing that springs…

  • Shenghong He profile image

    Shenghong He

    Clinical Neuroscientist

    I am a postdoctoral research scientist at the Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit (BNDU), Nuffield Department of…

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