Assessing Healthcare Outcomes with GENDER-Q

Friday 14th Jan 2022, 9.30am

The primary aim of healthcare is to improve the lives and wellbeing of patients. But how can we be sure that this is actually being achieved? For someone undergoing hip surgery, for example, it’s not sufficient to say the surgery was successful simply because there was no infection afterwards. It’s also important to know if their mobility has improved, or if their pain has been reduced. PROMs (patient-reported outcome measures) are special questionnaires that help to properly assess healthcare outcomes. However, PROMs are currently lacking for gender-diverse individuals who undergo gender-affirming services. In this video, Rakhshan Kamran, a DPhil student at the University of Oxford, tells us about his research, which aims to create a national measurement programme for gender-affirming services in the UK by implementing a new PROM called GENDER-Q.

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