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  • Tom holding a glass of water and a colander over Fiona's head!

    The Shape of Water?

    What’s the shape of water? 💧🤔 Have you ever seen an insect walking on water? Or noticed that water…

  • Moon thumbnail

    Why are we searching for water on the moon?

    The moon may be the closest planetary body to us, but we still have a lot to learn about…

  • The Mysteries of Ice

    Lockdown Walks – The Mysteries of Ice

    “On Earth when it snows, it snows crystallised water lava.” Um, what? Intrigued? Join us on this chilly lockdown…

  • Big Questions Podcast artwork

    How can remote water pumps be monitored?

    Water pumps are a lifeline for many communities in developing countries. But how can you monitor them all to…

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