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  • How do I keep my house cool without air conditioning?

    Summer is here, and with heatwaves forecast, how do we keep our homes cool without relying on air conditioning?…

  • Silhouette of an aeroplane. Featured image for the podcast episode 'How do you convert CO2 into jet fuel?'

    How do you convert CO2 into jet fuel?

    Increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are a big cause for concern. So what if we could find…

  • Elif Naz Çoker profile image

    Elif Naz Çoker

    Behavioural Scientist

    I studied psychology and sociology for my BA at Columbia University, followed by a masters in social and developmental…

  • Plastic rubbish over-flowing out of a bin.

    How do you turn a plastic bag into fuel?

    There are a lot of plastic bags out there. Every year we get through one trillion plastic bags worldwide!…

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