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    Emmanuelle Dankwa

    Disease Outbreak Investigator

    My Story I was born and raised in Accra, the capital of Ghana, to a land valuation officer and…

  • Lions Thumbnail

    Do all lions sound the same?

    If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear a lion roar (whether that’s at the zoo or in the…

  • Video Game Thumbnail

    Are video games good for my mental health?

    Most of us have probably heard of video games being described as “addictive”, but is there evidence of this?…

  • Fantasy Football

    How do I win Fantasy Football?

    Did you know that the winner of the 2019/2020 Fantasy Premier League, beating over 7 million other players, was…

  • R Rate Thumbnail

    What does the ‘R Rate’ really mean?

    We’re all pretty used to hearing lots of pandemic-related terminology by now. I mean, last year, who knew what ‘social…

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