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  • Moon thumbnail

    Why are we searching for water on the moon?

    The moon may be the closest planetary body to us, but we still have a lot to learn about…

  • Urban Stargazing

    Lockdown Walks – Urban Stargazing

    Think you need to be somewhere really remote, with a high-tech telescope, to observe the night sky? Think again!…

  • The Mysteries of Ice

    Lockdown Walks – The Mysteries of Ice

    “On Earth when it snows, it snows crystallised water lava.” Um, what? Intrigued? Join us on this chilly lockdown…

  • Using your science to...explore the climate history of Mars

    Using your science to explore the climate history of Mars

    Mars today is colder than Antarctica and drier than the Sahara — but scratch just beneath its dusty red coating…

  • Henrietta Leavitt photograph, alongside the silhouettes of three women and the words "hidden women'"

    Who was Henrietta Leavitt?

    Much of post 1920s astronomy rests on her shoulders. Without her, we wouldn’t have a three-dimensional sky. Leavitt’s Law…

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