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  • A cartoon woman wearing a stylised VR headset is surrounded by projections of a big city. Featured image for the podcast 'Is the metaverse doomed?'

    Is the metaverse doomed?

    Ask an internet aficionado what the ‘next big thing’ is, and they might respond with ‘the metaverse’. This is…

  • Bernie Hogan profile image

    Bernie Hogan

    Computational Social Scientist

    Bernie Hogan’s first computer was a Commodore 64 back in 1989. Since then, he’s done university degrees specialising in…

  • Jason Nurse profile image

    Jason Nurse

    Social Media and Cybercrime Expert

    My Story After my A-Levels, I faced the challenging question of what to study at university. One of the…

  • Reads viewing extreme events through social media

    Viewing extreme events through social media

    We are creating digital data all the time. Via social media, we’re generating evidence of everything we see and…

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