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  • Range of emojis; background image for 'How do you tackle hate speech one emoji at a time?'

    How do you tackle hate speech one emoji at a time?

    Online communication channels are popular, to say the least. For instance, there are 187 million active Twitter users per…

  • Hannah Rose Kirk profile image

    Hannah Rose Kirk

    AI Researcher

    After graduating from the University of Cambridge as an Economist, I moved to Beijing for two years where I…

  • Should all robots have an ethical black box?

    WHODUNNIT?! Nowadays, the idea of encountering robots in our daily lives isn’t pure science fiction. Many of us interact…

  • Video Game Thumbnail

    Are video games good for my mental health?

    Most of us have probably heard of video games being described as “addictive”, but is there evidence of this?…

  • Fantasy Football

    How do I win Fantasy Football?

    Did you know that the winner of the 2019/2020 Fantasy Premier League, beating over 7 million other players, was…

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