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  • Tom Pavey profile image

    Tom Pavey

    Ecologist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    There is relatively little research conducted combining studies on the climate and biodiversity crises. As fundamentally entangled areas of…

  • Profile image for Marianne Sinka

    Marianne Sinka

    Medical entomologist/ecologist

    It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do and I left school without any A…

  • How do you stop megafires?

    From California to Greece to Australia, it seems like every time we switch on the news there’s another wildfire…

  • Tim Coulson profile image

    Tim Coulson

    Evolutionary Ecologist

    Tim Coulson carried out his PhD at Imperial College, London, before conducting post-docs at the Institute of Zoology, London,…

  • Cocoa Pod

    Could chocolate go extinct?

    Chocolate. It’s rare to find anyone who isn’t partial to a square or two of this delicious treat. But…

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