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  • Daniele Cotton

    Cancer Researcher & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    I’m a cancer researcher and training clinician. I study how cancer spreads in people’s bodies. This is important, as…

  • Shanty town with skyscrapers in the distance. Featured image for micro-documentary 'Demography: Understanding Our World".

    Demography: Understanding Our World

    What is demography, and how can it provide us with a better understanding of our world and the people…

  • Behind the Scenes in the 'Cell Lab'. Image of Lizzie, a petri dish of cells and a key.

    Behind the Scenes in the ‘Cell Lab’

    Ever wondered what it’s like to work in a research laboratory at Oxford University? 🔬🧬 Join PhD student Lizzie…

  • Lizzie Horton profile image

    Lizzie Horton


    I am doing my PhD at the University of Oxford, researching the human immune response to virus infections. The…

  • A New View on Cancer

    A New View on Cancer

    “It looked like a child’s colouring book where you can’t go over the lines – but the consequences of…

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