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  • Nicola Dawson profile image

    Nicky Dawson

    Developmental Psychologist and Research Speech and Language Therapist

    There is still so much to learn about how children acquire language, and how we can best support children…

  • Demi Brizee profile image

    Demi Brizee


    Ever since my days in medical school at the University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), my fascination with the brain…

  • Atreyi Chakrabarty profile image

    Atreyi Chakrabarty

    Sleep Scientist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    My name is Atreyi and I completed a PhD at the University of Oxford focussing on the cellular and…

  • Charlotte Collingwood sits against a tree. Featured image for the video 'When Stress Turns Bad'.

    When Stress Turns Bad

    Did you know that stress evolved as a key tool for our survival? I mean, you wouldn’t want to…

  • A woman with her hands over her stomach. Featured image for the podcast episode 'Can my gut health improve my mental health?'

    Can my gut health improve my mental health?

    Our gut microbiome (that’s all the microorganisms – such as bacteria, viruses and fungi – living in our gut)…

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