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Materials Science

  • Clara Barker profile image

    Clara Barker

    Thin film materials scientist

    I am a thin-film material scientist who manages the Centre for Applied Superconductivity, in the Materials Science department at…

  • Shazeaa Ishmael profile image

    Shazeaa Ishmael

    My Story I was born in South London, both of my parents are first generation immigrants from Guyana and…

  • Sebastian Bonilla

    Electronics and materials engineer

    I am an electronics engineer and scientist working on the improvement of solar energy generation. Climate change is one…

  • What's That Solar Panel Doing?

    Lockdown Walks – What’s that solar panel doing?

    Have you ever walked down the street and seen a rooftop covered in black shiny panels? Ever wondered exactly…

  • A 'figure of eight' track, with a small object hovering above.

    Where is my hoverboard?

    According to the much-loved ‘Back to the Future’ franchise, we should all be zipping around on hoverboards by now.…

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