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  • Brooke Johnson


    I’ve loved natural history since I was a wee lad, collecting fossils on the beach or looking for bugs on the moors. My favourite part was always geology though, the processes and timescales involved are beyond human imagination. The world has changed so much that, by studying rocks, you can travel to an alien world.…

  • How do you stop megafires?

    From California to Greece to Australia, it seems like every time we switch on the news there’s another wildfire report. Some fires are natural – in fact, they’re a fundamental part of many ecosystems – but the severity and frequency of the wildfires we are now witnessing is beyond natural levels. Human-ignited “megafires” are causing…

  • Moon thumbnail

    Why are we searching for water on the moon?

    The moon may be the closest planetary body to us, but we still have a lot to learn about it. For example, what is the water-cycle like on an airless body such as the moon? How much water can be found there, and could we one day utilise this water for space exploration? In this…

  • The Mysteries of Ice

    Lockdown Walks – The Mysteries of Ice

    “On Earth when it snows, it snows crystallised water lava.” Um, what? Intrigued? Join us on this chilly lockdown walk, as geologist Dr Brooke Johnson reveals some of the mysteries of ice, and tells us about the planets where snow falls as diamonds!

  • What's That Solar Panel Doing?

    Lockdown Walks – What’s that solar panel doing?

    Have you ever walked down the street and seen a rooftop covered in black shiny panels? Ever wondered exactly what they are and what they’re doing? In this episode of ‘Lockdown Walks’ we’re talking SOLAR PANELS. Sit back, relax, and let Sebastian Bonilla tell you all about them…Then why not see if you can spot…

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