Meet the 2023 Beyond Boundaries Researchers

Meet the scientists who have inspired the 2023 competition!

Click on their photos to find out more about them and their awesome research!

Chy Akpulu


Profile photo of Chy Akpulu

Chy is looking into how certain bacteria in our bodies might become resistant to drugs like antibiotics

Zhiyao Luo

Artificial Intelligence Scientist

Zhiyao Luo

Zhiyao is working towards using artificial intelligence to diagnose and treat patients in hospital


Morgan Mitchell


Morgan Mitchell

Morgan is exploring how to harness the power of sleep to boost a patient’s recovery following a stroke


Misha Patel

Tidal Engineer

Misha Patel

Misha is looking to create a more sustainable world by extracting energy from tides in the sea

Lauren Rudd

Lion Zoologist

Lauren Rudd

Lauren studies lions in the wild, looking to understand how their social dynamics change following environmental disturbances

Sushma Shankar

Transplant Surgeon

Photo of Sushma Shankar in surgeon gear

Sushma is both a Transplant Surgeon and Scientist, looking to improve patients’ recovery following an operation