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  • Lioness walking through grassland

    How do you reintroduce lions?

    Lions are iconic species, but they are threatened with extinction. In Zambia, researchers and conservationists are working together to…

  • Tom Pavey profile image

    Tom Pavey

    Ecologist & Oxford Sparks Ambassador

    There is relatively little research conducted combining studies on the climate and biodiversity crises. As fundamentally entangled areas of…

  • 'Dory' from Disney Pixar's 'Finding Dory' and a real-life blue tang fish. Featured image for video 'Movies and the Wildlife Trade'.

    Movies and the Wildlife Trade

    Movies have a great deal of influence in our lives. Whether you like to follow the works of a…

  • Tanesha Allen profile image

    Tanesha Allen


    My Story My ancestors were slaves, my grandparents attended segregated schools during the Jim Crow era in the American…

  • Diogo Veríssimo profile image.

    Diogo Veríssimo

    Social Scientist

    Diogo Veríssimo is an Oxford Martin Fellow focusing on the design and evaluation of behaviour change interventions to tackle…

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