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  • The Mysteries of Ice

    Lockdown Walks – The Mysteries of Ice

    “On Earth when it snows, it snows crystallised water lava.” Um, what? Intrigued? Join us on this chilly lockdown…

  • Using your science to...understand volcanic eruptions

    Using your science to understand volcanic eruptions

    Volcanoes are present across the Earth, from the barren wastes of Antarctica to densely populated regions in Europe, Asia…

  • Deccan Traps

    Did volcanoes help kill off the dinosaurs?

    Earth formed over 4.5 billion years ago. We should take a moment to realise how much history that is!…

  • Big Questions Podcast artwork

    Can volcanic eruptions be predicted?

    From people on the the ground to satellites in the air – how do we monitor and understand volcanos…

  • Cartoon of a subduction zone. Still image from the animation 'Underwater Volcano Disaster'.

    Underwater Volcano Disaster

    This animation is set in the Calabrian arc of southern Italy, near the well known volcano, Stromboli. Stromboli is…

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