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  • Mosquito on someone's skin.

    Behind the scenes: developing a new malaria vaccine

    Nearly half of the world’s population lives in areas at risk of malaria transmission. A safe and effective vaccine…

  • Women with blonde hair smiling at the camera.

    Sarah Silk

    Clinical Trial Immunologist

    Whilst living in Uganda, I saw the impact of malaria first hand and was able to take part in…

  • A hand is holding a smoking cigarette.

    Does banning smoking work?

    As the UK government proposes new plans to reduce the number of people who smoke, we talk to behaviour…

  • Computer code in different colours is projected on to the face of a woman. Featured image for podcast episode 'Why are deepfakes happening?'

    Why are deep fakes happening?

    Welcome to the new series of the Big Questions podcast, where we ask Oxford scientists to shed light on…

  • Photo of Sushma Shankar in surgeon gear

    Sushma Shankar

    Transplant Surgeon and Scientist

    Hi guys, I’m Sushma! I work as both a Transplant Surgeon and Scientist in Oxford. Read on to find…

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