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  • Andrew Wood

    Andrew Wood

    Plant biologist

    I have always been interested in how plants grow in their environment. I did my undergraduate here at University…

  • How will climate change affect wine?

    People have been interested in wine growing and quality vintages since the Roman times, but as the climate warms,…

  • Tomatoes on the vine; image for podcast episode "How do you grow the perfect tomato?"

    How do you grow the perfect tomato?

    Is there anything nicer than a fresh, juicy, home-grown tomato on a summer’s day? Whether you like them sliced…

  • Christian Norton profile image.

    Christian Norton

    Plant Scientist

    I’m from Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. Before my DPhil at Oxford, I did a BSc in biology at…

  • How do you stop megafires?

    From California to Greece to Australia, it seems like every time we switch on the news there’s another wildfire…

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